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Kakaotalk is free smartphone application that enables people to message other people on their contact list for free. This application is supposed to be an easy way to communicate with people who are not close to you. Product Kakaotalk download for PC is especially known for its group chat rooms that enable people to chat with their friends or people they don't know.


Interface very clean and easy to use. Application Kakaotalk has a black background with white text that very easy to read. User can easily navigate through soft by clicking on different tabs. These tabs are called home, conversation, bookmark, video, games, settings. There are other tabs available, including an option to change between soft in English or Spanish. Software Kakaotalk for PC download free does not have an interface, instead it's just a blank screen. When you start soft it just displays "Chat with your friends" button. Only way to message someone is by selecting "Chat with your friends" button and entering their contact information. Once you enter the person's contact information, you can start messaging them. Software has a very simple interface. You can see list of all conversations you have with your chat partners. In right side, you can see a list of all your chat partners. In bottom of screen, there list of all chat features. You can see your profile picture, your status, your current group, list of all your chats.

Interface of soft is made up of three tabs, each linking to a different function:

  • Home: This is screen you first see when you open soft. It has a list of your friends and your groups and a bar which shows you latest updates and your profile.
  • Chats: This where you can see all your chats and see chats others have with you.
  • Profile: This page shows you your profile and allows you to change your profile picture, name, language.


Software very easy to use and has a simple interface. It's so easy to use that a child or elderly person could have a chat with a friend or family member. Download Kakaotalk for Windows 10 is very easy to use. All you have to do enter person's contact information and then you can start messaging them. Usability of Kakaotalk for desktop very easy to use. Product available for Android, iOS, Windows, which means that it can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone. It's free to use, with no restrictions on the number of messages that can be sent. Interface is simple and straightforward, which makes it easy to navigate. Software very easy to use. Interface so simple that it can be used by people who are not very familiar with smartphones. User can easily find person he or she wants to talk to.


Functionality of this application is very simple to use, yet it has many features to make user experience even better. Navigation is easy to understand, everything is simple. It doesn't have too many complicated features, but it does have some that are not easy to use. Kakaotalk app download has a lot of functionality. You can send images or videos to your friends, see who is online, see who has read your message.


Support is very good. In case of any problems, you can reach them by tapping question mark in bottom of screen. They have a FAQ page and a forum. Software product Kakaotalk install has very strong user support. Software has a tutorial on how to use soft before you start using it, so it's very easy to figure out how to use it.


  • Why did I get message "Application is not installed. This soft can't be opened."?
    This message indicates that Kakaotalk online not installed on device.
  • I can't find my chat history
    On chat history tab, it will show last date that you had a chat history. For chat history of previous conversations, you can either click on "Show more" button at bottom of chat window to view previous chat history or have a chat with person again.
  • Why can't I log in to Kakaotalk APK download?
    Check your data connection and try again.


In general, It's great app for those who are looking for a messaging application that is easy to use. It's free application available on Apple and Android devices. Software is highly popular in Japan, where over 70% of country's population has installed application. Software Kakaotalk download for laptop is popular in other Asian countries, such as South Korea.

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