Update Notes: January 2022

Update Notes: January 2022

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Kakaotalk is one of the most popular communication apps in South Korea. It has more than 93 million monthly active users, which is the largest in the world. The app is the leading communication app for South Korean youth. Kakaotalk has been releasing new updates for the app monthly to give users the best experience.

The latest update includes an improved profile, profile verification system, and improved chat feature.

The improved profile feature has a new design that is easier to use. It has an improved chat feature that is more convenient for users. The new profile verification system gives users peace of mind. There are also many other features that are improved in the update.

Kakaotalk has released a new update which includes fixes and new features. The update is called "Kakaotalk 2.5".

The new features of this update include:

  • A new private chat with text-only messages
  • Add friends with your phone number
  • Unblock people
  • Show profile pictures for people you're not friends with
  • Show which files are attached to messages
  • Add links to messages
  • Notification for messages

The new features include the option to send text-only messages with private chat. This is useful for people who want to have more control over their messages. They can also unblock people who they have blocked in the past. When someone is unblocked, they can't send messages to the person they blocked.

The update also includes the ability to show profile pictures for people who are not friends with you. This feature is useful because people can see the images of the people they are corresponding with. It also shows which files are attached to messages, which is useful so people know the type of content the message contains. Finally, the update includes notification for messages, which is useful so people can know when they have new messages without having to constantly check the app.